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Loligo Reynaudi (South African Squid)

Our hand line jigger wild caught South African Squid (Loligo Reynaudi) is fished in the cold pristine Atlantic and Indian Oceans off South Africa (fishing zone FAO 47), delivered from our independent contract supply fleet, for export to mainly Europe and the Far East.

Product is packed whole round, seafrozen on board the vessels to the highest standards gauranteeing superior class "CJ quality", chocolate colour, preserved shape, tender and sweet tasting.

The fleet operates from Port Elizabeth and lands the product directly to our Blue Seas packing plant and cold store for preparation from which it is exported.

FAO Fishing Map
Blue Seas Squid Catching Area: FAO 47

Size grading

Grade XL L M S
Tube length 30cm+ 25-30cm 18-25cm 18cm-

Some of our contract supply seafreezer vessels


Receiving at Blue Seas packing plant & cold store


Loading pallets

Squid in polybags



Packing into cartons

Empty packaging

Preparing packaging





Two block (about 5-6kg per block)

One block (about 11-12kg)

Two block squid close up

Two block (about 5-6kg per block)

One block squid products

One block with packaging


Prepared for loading

Container fully loaded