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BSP’s main focus is the export of Horse Mackerel, Sardines, Squid, Tuna, miscellaneous loose fish as well as the import of selected products.

Horse Mackerel

We source our Horse Mackerel from all over the world for distribution into Africa.

Sardines and Bait Fish

Our South African Sardines are purse seine caught in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. We are a major supplier and distributor of high-quality bait products to long-liners and pole-liners worldwide. See what we do.


Our superior quality hand line caught, sea frozen Loligo Squid is sourced from an independent Port Elizabeth based fleet for export mostly to Europe and the Far East. See what we do.


Our South African and Namibian poleline tuna operations comprise of main catch Albacore and related by-catch; such as Yellowfin and Bigeye,which is ICCAT approved. We also receive longline Albacore from the Japanese Sashimi fleet. See what we do.

Baby Hake

Our baby Hake is supplied by carefully vetted partners worldwide and checked by BSP approved independent inspectors. The product is packed HG (headed and gutted) or HGT (headed, gutted and tailed) and is either sea frozen or land frozen. See what we do.

Miscellaneous loose fish

We source a variety of loose fish from Oriental Sashimi and A-Grade sea frozen long-liners. These products include; Angelfish, Blue Shark, Dorado, Kingfish, Marlin, Moonfish, Moro, Oilfish, Salfish and Spearfish.

Selected imports

We import Squid, Soles, Salmon, Herring, selected loose fish as well as fishmeal.